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We live in a world of unjust financial system, where there's a huge barrier between the wealthy & the ordinary. What defines us all? Aren't we all humans? We are being separated aside in a society where our needs are not being met, our financial struggle are being ignored & there is no where to reach out for help when needed most.
Well, the tables turns now as you join FIDELITY FUNDS. How, you may ask?


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FIDELITY FUNDS was founded & established by individuals who knows what it is to lack & be in need, they created FIDELITY FUNDS so that everyone can have a better life. To never be at a point where you're in need financially & all your vision and goals are achieved while your basic needs are met and your dreams accomplished as well.
FIDELITYFUNDS.COM.NG is a financial community, a system that is being run & sustained by selfless minded individuals like yourself coming together to eradicate the situation of ever being in an empty pocket. Where by you have no reason to be worried about medical bills, no more worries about providing food on the table, get funds to raise your capital as an entrepreneur, receive funds to build your own house for shelter and get your personal unique vehicle as well.
There are so many goals to be achieved once you join FIDELITY FUNDS, your list will be endless. All these are achievable because you are part of a financial system that meets your needs always.
Get ready to open up for yourself a secured way to financial freedom.
How it works?
When you register & join FIDELITY FUNDS, you will be required to select a package of your choice.
Bronze - 10,000 naira
Silver - 20,000 naira
Gold - 50,000 naira
When you activate your selected package, you will be merged up to pay a fidelite like yourself that is in need. When payment has been confirmed & acknowledged, on or before 7 - 14 days (15 working days) you will then be enabled to get help from the community if you are as well in need.
What is the joy of being part of FIDELITY FUNDS?
Once you have been registered & you have provided help to a fellow member, you are given the opportunity to request for help and you get 2 times of the amount you helped with i.e you make your payment and you get help of twice of what you paid.
Yes! That is what the FIDELITY FUNDS COMMUNITY is all about! When you provide help of 20,000 naira, when you're due to be helped, the community will provide you with a fellow member that will pay you 40,000 naira!
When you provide help again, all you have to do is ask for it when you also need it and your needs will be met by a selfless member like yourself.
Once the system automatically recycles you, your payment is done & you can request for help again the second time & you will be merged to be paid another 40,000!! naira
And for your believe in FIDELITY FUNDS community, once your 3rd payment as been completed & acknowledged, you request for help to meet your needs again & the community will provide to you another individual to pay you another 40,000!! naira for the third time.
You will also get help for the 4th time of another 40,000!! naira once you are in need & you request for help from the community, as long as you keep on helping out a member by making payment you will always receive help when due.
It goes on and on, as long you keep helping out a selfless member in need like yourself, you will always get help to fulfil your needs. FIDELITY FUNDS will continue to strengthen your finances as long as you keep giving back to the community.
You're automatically recycled once you get help & the system keeps on merging you to meet your needs. As long as you help out afresh another community member selflessly with another 20,000 naira payment you will be enabled to receive help of 2× more of what you gave out after all payments are acknowledged.
This is a community of selfless individuals giving out & getting their needs met always. We always give to receive in FIDELITY FUNDS.
Your donation builds for you 2× more of what you will receive.
Isn't this awesome! When you Join FIDELITY FUNDS, you receive a weekly bank alert to meet your needs! What else could be better!
It's time to #Xperience_the_FF_alert!!
So what does FIDELITY FUNDS stands for?
As you have read & can see, we can all balance our financial needs by all being together. We are the common men in FIDELITY FUNDS, there are no barriers, everyone as their equality as one & we are all financially stable because of the financial system we all contribute in & operate.
Initially you don't need a lot of money to meet your needs on a daily basis, what you need is having the consciousness that your needs are being met. Living in confidence because you're part of FIDELITY FUNDS, you have a hope that at the end of your duration you will get paid. Knowing that all comes to the worst of your finances, FIDELITY FUNDS is here to back you up.
It's time to live a fair life where as you don't work all 8 hours & get paid with a token. Where as you have a planned & proposed life. You can take a vacation when you please & have all your dreams & wishes fulfilled.
It's not always having an empty pocket that hurts, it's the fact that you don't have anything to lean on when you're badly in need.
Welcome to FIDELITY FUNDS! , where we create for ourselves a world with a better Living, a worry free life of finances & a hope for a better tomorrow.
Join us now & let's make the universe a better place.
Core values of FIDELITY FUNDS
° It's a peer to peer donation
• The system is easy to sign up and mobile responsive.
° Recycling is done automatically & immediately after getting help by the system
° Purge button available in the system 
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