As we all know, there are lots of ways to make money either online or offline. Today I will be introducing you to MOBILEAIRTIME.NG This is a vtu vending service where you can sell and vend airtime without  (all networks, mtn, glo, airtel and etisalat) stress. This vtu vending service is very simple, you can send airtime to anyone around the country with ease and by anytime of the day.
There are several benefits of using this vtu service both for personal and financial purposes. This vtu service will fetch you good income no matter who you are. If you sell vtu with your mobile phones you will need 4 simcards, and possibly two phones, but with this innovation all you need is just one phone that has internet access. If you are a website owner, you can set up this service on your blog or website and those who visit your blog can buy airtime instantly. There are 4 vendor levels at Mobile Airtime NG; Agent, Reseller and Distribution Partner.
Facts About GSM Users and Credit usage in Nigeria.

Do you know?

-According to NCC , we have over 130 million active GSM LINES in Nigeria as at June 2014.
-Telecoms Average Revenue Per User in Nigeria is N2,000 per month, therefore
-Monthly airtime usage per month is N260 Billion
-Telecoms NOW is focusing on Virtual Top Up than logical sales (Paper recharge)
-Quickteller is the biggest airtime dealer in Virtual Top Up, doing N3billion every month.
-Super Dealers of GMS Networks retain 1% commission on recharge cards sold and Quickteller retains 5%.
-You can own your own Business Selling Airtime Recharge like Quickteller and earn up 5%

Why is VTU now the Vogue?
- The BANKS are Crazy about VTU, GTB is doing VTU, Ecobank is doing VTU, StanbicIBTC is doing VTU
-Even the GSM Networks are doing VTU with their Credit Borrowing Idea and raking in 10% commision and stylishly taking market away from the Recharge Card/Paper vendors
-Recharge Card Business is fading out gradually, VTU is taking over

This is an outstanding Business to Put your Money, even the Commercial Banks will not give you this kind of commission as Interest on your Savings,

What is Airtime Credit Virtual Top Up (VTU)?

The well known way of loading a phone with airtime credit is by buying a Paper or scratch card and then loading it on your phone with a USSD code. The other way is the digital method called Virtual Top Up (VTU), with VTU, the phone will be directly credited by the vendor and there will be no need for scratching a card or loading with ussd. The buyer will just receive an alert that his phone has been topped up.

Virtual Top Up therefore is a digital way of selling airtime credit automatically.

The well known and popular way by which vendor uses VTU is by buying a VTU SIM Card, for example MTN VTU SIM Card, or Glo VTU SIM Card and then loading it with with an amount of money that will then be used a capital for vending the recharge card.

The advantage of this is that:

1. You will not need to carry Paper Recharge or Recharge Cards, helps you reduce messy Paper work and mix ups.

2. You can sell airtime on the move, so we can call it a Mobile Recharge Card business.

The disadvantage of this is:

1. You will need to buy a SIM Card for each network and also load Money on each network in order to be able to Vend. So you will need 4 SIM Cards, at least 5,000 naira credit value on each card and four phones or 2 double SIM Phones to carry all the SIM. 

We now have a new innovation and more effective approach to VTU Vending. This has taken care of the demerits of the SIM loaded VTU. With our application, you can

1. Use One phone, just download our VTU Selling Mobile Application, you can also access your VTU account on a Web Platform.

2. If it’s 10,000 naira only you have to start, you will be able to use the money to vend ALL NETWORKS(MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT) including VISAPHONE.

3. You can use any type of phone to vend airtime credit.
The VTU Recharge Business gives you opportunity for residual income every month.
The VTU Recharge Business is first of its kind in the industry, it affords you an opportunity to earn from the over 250 Billion Naira monthly spend on airtime in Nigeria without very little capital 


1.       You don’t have to print your airtime before selling.
2.       You can sell airtime to anyone around the country.
3.       It is very easy to use.
4.       You don’t have to scratch recharge card panel before loading.
5.       You make more money when you refer somebody.


Mobile Airtime NG creates opportunities for individuals and organizations to make money by selling airtime as Virtual Top up (VTU) for all GSM networks and making bill payments. With Mobile Airtime NG, you become a vendor for all GSM networks in Nigeria in a single connection.
What does Mobile Airtime NG offer?
  • Vendors can sell Airtime as Virtual Top up for MTN, GLO, Airtel, Etisalat, Visaphone.
  • Vendors can dispense Airtime Virtual Top up (VTU) as low as N1 for MTN and from N50 on other networks.
  • Vendors can also buy MTN data at cheap price.
  • Vendors earn 3% - 5% INSTANT COMMISSION on airtime top up.
  • Vendors can make bill payments and earn commissions e.g. DStv, Startimes, GOtv
  • [new] Vendors can dispense Virtual Top Up and pay bills without internet connection using our USSD solution.


SME Easy Top Up is a prepaid service that is designed for growing businesses offering them the ability to provide Virtual Top Up and digital bill payments to their customers via USSD.
How it works
When you signup as an SME Easy Top up provider you will be given a platform to register your own customers. After registration, your customers will automatically receive a USSD code via SMS which, after they have funded their accounts or wallets, they can now dial whenever they want to perform any of the following tasks;
  • Recharge their phones,
  • Buy MTN data bundles,
  • Pay bills (DStv, GOtv, Startimes).
Every time your customers use their code you will make a commission off EVERY transaction.

Benefits of SME Easy Top Up

  • Your own platform to add your users and customers
  • Enjoy 5% commission on airtime VTU on GLO, Airtel, Etisalat, Visaphone and 4% commission on MTN.
  • MTN Data 1GB at N1,000 and resell to your clients at higher price.
  • Your customers can buy airtime as low as N1 on MTN and N50 on other networks
  • Commissions are remitted instantly to your e-wallet/account on the platform.
  • Your customers are not charged when they use the USSD on their phone.
  • Your customers have instant access to the USSD when you register them.
  • Enjoy at least N45 commission on all digital payments; DStv, GOtv, Startimes
  • Robust monitoring system with SMS and email notifications.
  • Simple and intuitive self-service web interface to manage your customers and set commissions/discounts.
  • Unlimited number of users/customers on the USSD platform.
  • Save cost on website design, mobile app development and maintenance
Annual Application Fee: N20,000 (SPECIAL OFFER)
Annual Bonus: N10,000 
So, how do you create an account?
Step 1 Log in to
and click on register.
Step 2 fill out the form properly and click sign up.
That is all, now you can sign into your dashboard to activate your account.

attached below is the list of the account type and prices.


Other information are found in the website.
That is all, drop a comment below if you have any question.
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  5. Nicely written post, I must commend you for that. Just wanted to enlighten more that one can actually start making money from VTU with ease.

    It’s now possible to sell airtime, data or other services on one’s website/blog or better still, run a VTU business using just an android phone.

    Yes, just one phone can sell virtual top ups for all networks in Nigeria, I think I have said enough, you can read more here:


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